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Jayajeevitham (Victorious Life) is the first Malayalam radio programme in New Zealand. This monthly programme was started on 5 May 2001. This programme contains beautiful devotional songs and a message by  Pastor Mathew Mathai.

Jayajeevitham Radio ministry was the predecessor of Shalom Malayalam Church. The purpose of this programme is to spread the love of God among the Malayalam community in New Zealand.

You are welcome to listen the programme on Radio Acces (783 AM)



1 Right Choice
2 Do not Fear
3 Real Christmas
4 Need a Miracle?
5 Be courageous
6 Jabez - Man of Prayer
7 Happy New Year
8 Face Challenges
9 Godís Plan for Us
10 Prayer
11 Godís Blessings
12 Resurrection
13 Godís love